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Tree Biology & Orchard Management

These new educational sections have been reviewed by University of California experts in orchard management

Flower Anatomy & Pollination
This section presents the details of floral anatomy, pollination, fertilization, seed and fruit development.  A chart of floral and pollination chart of common crops is included. The relationship between the reproductive and vegetative structures of the tree is discussed.

Tree Growth & Structure
This section covers the basic biology of tree growth and structure necessary to understand how, and why, to prune a tree.


Irrigation & Water

Irrigation & Water Management Strategies by UC Irrigation Farm Advisors & Experts

California Sources of Fruit & Nut Trees
A partial listing of nurseries for commercial growers and home orchardists

Soil Resources
UC soil publications for download; links to UC and USDA soil surveys and our video series on sampling your soils.

Frost Protection
Principles and procedures for frost protection of tree crops and vines by R. L. Snyder, Biometeorology Specialist, UC Davis.

UC Fruit Report
UC Fruit Report
A website with a focus on the establishment and management of fresh market stonefruit orchards, developed by UC scientists for California growers.

Advanced Sensing and Management Technologies to Optimize Resource Use in Deciduous Tree Crops
This project addresses current management issues in deciduous tree crops, to optimize resource use. Nitrogen management for almond and pistachio.

Spray Application Technology
A website addressing aspects of spray application technology, provided by Franz Niederholzer, Orchard Systems Farm Advisor, Sutter-Yuba counties.

The FastTrack Approach to Specialty Crop Breeding
Integrating the FasTrack Breeding system into convention breeding programs will result in more rapid and less costly development of improved tree fruit varieties. Plum breeding program.