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Walnut Flower, Fruit & Cultivar Photo Gallery

Walnut is a deciduous tree with separate male and female (imperfect) flowers. Pollen dispersal and pistillate flower receptivity occur at different times for each variety. Planting at least two varieties that have overlapping pollen dispersal and flower receptivity is necessary to ensure adequate pollination and fruit set.

Walnut Fruit & Flower Photo Gallery

These photos are accessed from the UC ANR Repository, are available courtesy of University of California research and extension personnel and programs, including the UC Statewide IPM Project. Photo information, including the photographer, is displayed when the larger image is viewed.

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Walnut Cultivar Gallery

The UC Davis Walnut Breeding Program is a long term program to provide the California walnut industry with improved walnut cultivars and rootstocks and to develop knowledge that will increase the efficiency of walnut breeding. We thank Gale McGranahan and Chuck Leslie, UC Davis Walnut Breeding Program Leaders for providing the the walnuts in the photos.

Walnut Cultivars