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Apricot Scion Table

Characteristics of some of the popular apricot scions grown in California

  Tree Characteristics Fruit Characteristics      
Cultivar Harvest Date Tree Vigor Size Skin Color Flavor Flesh type Market Notes Nursery
Patterson late June vigorous and semi-spreading growth medium solid pale orange fair to good flavor, with little juice firm canning, freezing, drying, and fresh market   Fowler and Dave Wilson
Blenheim mid June vigorous and spreading growth large golden orange sweet and aromatic firm juice, freezing, drying and fresh market Not well adapted to the San Joaquin Valley. Pit burn is common in hot weather. Fowler, Burchell, L.E. Cooke, Dave Wilson
Apache early May  vigorous and spreading growth medium light orange with little or no blush good sugar:acid ratio juicy with dense fruit fresh market Tendency to drop at maturity. Girdle at jacket-split for earliness Fowler and Dave Wilson
Poppy early May  vigorous with large semi-spreading growth large light yellow to pale orange, some blush generally tart firm fresh market   Dave Wilson
Earlicot mid-late May  vigorous upright bearing large high colored orange   firm fresh market   Dave Wilson
Lorna early-mid June  open and spreading canopy, lower vigor than moster cultivars very large solid orange, no blush good sugar: acid ratio firm, fine textured flesh fresh market Probably incompatible with Marianna 2624 rootstocks. Potential for fruit cracking with heavy rainfall immediately before harvest. Fowler, Burchell, L.E. Cooke, Dave Wilson, Sierra Gold
Robada early June  upright and vigorous growth large deep orange with strong red blush sweet with a balance of sugars, acids and aromatic flavors firm, fine textured flesh fresh market, fruit is well suited for shipping Fruit colors long before maturity. Late-flowering pollinator is necessary for commercial crop. Fowler, Burchell, Dave Wilson
Helena mid June vigorous spreading growth large solid orange with no blush sweet with moderate acidity firm fresh market Fruit can freckle in wet springs. Burchell, Fowler